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Product Sourcing

We have an extensive network of factories in China, India, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia and Turkey from which we source products to meet your price, quality, design and feature requirements. You’ll also find us at all major fairs keeping abreast of all the latest trends.

Design & Packaging

Our customers tap into our global merchandising expertise to customize products and to develop balanced product ranges. And our in-house design team is on-hand to design eye-catching packaging based on your creative briefs.

Factory Negotiations

As the buyer’s agent, we negotiate highly competitive prices in the face of fluctuating raw material prices, exchange rates and changing conditions throughout the supply chain.

Standards Certification

We have partnerships with numerous independent laboratories to secure all necessary international standards (e.g. SABS, SAA, Ctick, CE, GS, UL, CSA, CARB, ETL, c-ETL, GS, SEMKO).

Quality Assurance

Our experienced quality inspectors work tirelessly with both our in-house engineers and the factories through all stages of production to ensure the quality of your products.

Instruction Manuals

All our products include comprehensive English instruction manuals written by our team of merchandisers and engineers.

Shipping Coordination

Our dedicated shipping personnel coordinate with customers, factories and shipping lines to ensure all products depart on schedule.